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On-Site Workshops


We offer one or two day on-site workshops designed to help your library survive, succeed and grow. While we offer our standard workshops below, we can customize to your unique training or project requirements.

Lean Library Management
One Day Workshop
        Speaker: John J. Huber author of
“Lean Library Management.”
Purpose-Based Library
One Day Workshop
        Speaker: John J. Huber author of
“Lean Library Management.”

Library Learning Objectives:


  1. How to create a culture of change.

  2. How to employ service driven metrics.

  3. How to use service improvements to reduce costs.

  4. How to employ effective process redesign.

  5. How to eliminate redundancies in everyday processes.

  6. The benefits of the "holds label solution" in your unique environment.

  7. The benefits of the "no totes" solution in your environment.

  8. The fundamentals of good technical services department design.



At the end of the work shop, participants will:


  • Understand that if you look at your library as a series of service delivery cycles (as opposed to a department organization chart) your  cost reduction efforts will focus on processes, not staff.

  • Understand the relationship between costs, service and a lean service delivery process design. Learn how to define and evaluate your libraries service delivery cycles.

  • Learn how to create a successful environment for process redesign.

  • Learn what critical Lean tools to use in redesigning your processes.

  • Learn to look for high payback repetitive processes.

  • Understand and challenge the delivery devices that control a process.

  • Learn how to apply new concepts to streamline your processes.

  • Discover real life examples on how you can dramatically streamline your processes.

Library Learning Objectives:


  1. The difference between a mission driven library and purpose-based library.

  2. The benefits of value driven service metrics. 

  3. How the Purpose-Based Library's Community Pyramid can drive your success and growth.




At the end of the workshop, participants will:


  • Understand how to embrace a culture of change.

  • Understand how to employ value driven community service metrics.

  • Understand how to reclaim your library staff's true purpose.

  • Understand the power of the Community Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid.

  • Understand how to define and deploy Dashboard Metrics.

  • Understand how to realign and redeploy your most valuable resources.

  • Understand how to develop and deploy a value based marketing plan.

  • Understand how to leverage the national library's footprint.

  • Understand how 'Pull' demand management can shrink the distance between you and your customer.

  • Understand how libraries can change the publishing industry.

If you're interested in any of our workshops just give us at call at (918) 691-7864 or send us an email at

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