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Consulting Services


J. Huber & Associates offer library consultant services that establish a path toward survival, success and growth. Our proven methodology reduces process costs by improving customer service while allowing your library to embrace its true purpose of community transformation. We believe each library faces different challenges and different opportunities. That's why we offer customized services to all our clients including on-site and off-site consulting services as well as on-site workshops and off-site webinars.

We can be an invaluable on-site or off-site tool for your library in all your service and delivery improvement efforts such as Holds/Reserves Service Streamlining, Technical Service Layout Redesign, Holds and Return Delivery/Routes Redesign as well as implementing your Purposed-Based Library methodology. To learn about the library services we offer, click here.

We offer one day on-site workshops designed to help your library drive down costs by improving customer service. The workshops train your staff on both our Lean Library Management and Purposed-Based Libary Methodology. We can customize the workshop to your needs. To learn more about our workshops, click here.

We conduct Webinar versions of our workshops for both Lean Training and Purposed-Based Library Training. We also offer off-site project management services (through GoToMeeting or TeamViewer) to guide your Lean and Purposed-Based cross-functional teams. To learn more or inquire about these services, click here.

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