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Libraries are complex businesses who face extremely tough service challenges. Repeatedly, selecting, delivering and returning huge volumes of books every day while maintaining a constant customer service presence would create extreme challenges for any organization and management team.


J. Huber & Associates can be an invaluable tool to your library in all your service and delivery chain improvement efforts including:


  • New book service and delivery chain

  • Holds/reserves service and delivery chain

  • Circulation desk service and delivery chain

  • Technical service and delivery process flow redesign

  • Outreach desk service and delivery chain

  • Gift book processing

  • Withdrawn book processing

  • Purposed-Based Staffing

  • Purposed-Based Value Added Dashboard Metrics

  • Community Transformation Methodology



Library Process Improvement Services

By applying our vast knowledge of Lean improvement efforts we can show your organization not only how to drive down your costs but to dramatically improve your customer service performance along the way. In fact, we use customer service improvement to drive your cost improvement results!


Typical savings from a Lean Library effort can include: 

  • 50-75% reduction in new book delivery lead-time/backlog

  • 50-75% reduction in customer holds/reserves delivery lead-time

  • 20-45% reduction in service delivery costs

  • 25-40% improvement in Book Service Days Available

  • 10- 80% reduction in overtime

  • 25-90% reduction in injury related tasks

  • 25-90% reduction in internal book damage

  • 10-20% reduction in materials budget allocation

By streamlining your services, you can free staff to pursue your library's true purpose; to seek, engage and transform your community. Let us help you survive the current challenges of budget cuts, skeptical city managers, changing technology, aggressive competitors and ever increasing customer expectations. Let us help you succeed by developing value driven dashboard metrics that will engage your community in self transformation. Let us help you grow by embracing eBooks, leveraging your library footprint, and embracing a "pull' demand management approach.



Click on the following links to learn more about our library design solutions including:



We can arrange a conference call to answer all your questions.

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