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Holds Label Solution

The 'Eight Up and One Up' Holds Shelf Ready 'Sticky' Label Solution


J. Huber & Associates has developed a unique and proprietary breakthrough solution to eliminate up to 25% of the clerical steps required to process a customer hold. By replacing the pick list with a "sticky" removable label (one line item on the pick list represents one label printed on an eight up label sheet) and placing the label on the book immediately after pulling the book from the shelf allows the book to be ready for transit as well as be hold shelf ready. Additional benefits can be achieved by using the bar code printed on the label for items not found.


In addition we have developed a means to print out one up "sticky' labels as well from a specially designed receipt printer that can handle sticky receipt paper. For returned books that trip a hold, the sticky one-up label is printed and placed on the book by the sending library allowing the label to be both an in transit slip and a hold wrapper.


By using special bridge software that receives the specific print spool output from your ILS system, we can customize the label design to your unique specifications.



"It's like night and day." -Johnson County Library      


"I would never go back." -Tulsa City/ County Library

Eight Up Label Example

Sample Hold Shelf Ready Label

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