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Library Solutions


J. Huber & Associates offers library solutions that establish a path toward survival, success and growth. Our proven solutions reduce process costs by improving customer service while allowing your library to embrace its true purpose of community transformation. We believe each library faces different challenges and different opportunities. Over the past decade, in partnership with libraries all over North America we have developed unique solutions to your every day processes as well as solutions for your long term strategic growth plans. These tools include Lean Library Management, The Purpose-Based Library Methodology, our 'One and Done' Holds Label Solution and Our 'No-Totes Solution'.

Lean Library Management written by John Huber includes ten years of success-proven strategies and success stories from libraries across North America. By learning and applying these principles, your library will dramatically improve efficiency, service performance, and service lead times. To learn more about Lean Library Management, click here.

We have developed a unique and proprietary breakthrough solution to eliminate up to 25% of the clerical steps require to process a customer hold. To learn more about our Holds Label Solution click here.

How healthy is your pyramid? Are there cracks in its foundation? Are there gaping holes preventing your community from climbing the steps? The Purpose Based Library would know the answers to these questions, because if you don’t know, your library, your staff and your community are not engaged in its long term health and well-being. To learn more about the Purposed Based Library Methodology, click here.


StratumQ provides the methodology, the tools, the metrics and the software to not only engage and transform your community, but to define, track and market your library's true value. To learn more about StratumQ click here.

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