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Over the past 25 years we have assisted more than 200 organizations across 45 states, Canada, and Mexico. Below you will see a sample of the library and manufacturing clients we have served.

Sample Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail Clients



"The Collection Management department is getting things out in about 5-6 days on average. When the goal of 7 days was introduced, most laughed and thought if we could reach that within a few years, that would be great. We never thought we’d be doing so well so soon."


                                -Christina Carlson, Pikes Peak Library District - Collection Management



"As a result of Mr. Huber's new delivery and routing design, the management team successfully renegotiated their contract with the outside delivery service improving the service frequency of branch deliveries to same day and next day as well as reducing cost by an estimated 30+%"


                               -John Courtney, Former Associate Director - Support Services, Pikes Peak Library District



"We have never had so much fun at work."


                               -Frisco Public Library Returns Cross-Functional Team

"I can't recommend John highly enough. I continue to stay in contact with him, letting him know how things are going, and he remains very willing to bounce ideas and thoughts off of. I can't say enough about how positive our experience was with John."


-Teresa Valenti, Director of Technical Services and Collection Development

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