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No Totes Solution

The productivity and capability of any delivery system is driven by the type of container the operation uses. Tote boxes are a common type container for libraries to move and deliver books. Even most automated library delivery systems use a tote boxes to sort books. Tote boxes are a highly inefficient means to transport and deliver books.


Libraries go to great lengths to accommodate the inefficient tote box, and as a result they have a high cost, long lead-time, inefficient delivery process. Who can support a system that requires a librarian (or two) to repeatedly lift a 40 to 50 pound box every day or force a delivery driver to lift and place heavy tote boxes hundreds upon hundreds times per day?


We have developed a better way and we call it the "no tote box" solution. It is has been especially designed for library delivery systems and has been proven to be the best delivery system available to libraries. Call us today to learn how you too can eliminate those heavy tote boxes and streamline your delivery process.


"The use of tote boxes is the fundamental reason library delivery processes are inefficient."

                                                                                                                    -John Huber, President

Best Practice Model

Book Truck Replaces Tote Boxes

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